The Airedale Male Voice Choir was formed in March 1997 when its conductor and accompanist, John B. Smith and Ken Brook, respectively, decided once again to weave their magic together.

The choir is intentionally small with a maximum of 50 members, but is of high quality and produces a beautiful yet resonant tone.  Music critics have acclaimed its musicality and tender tonal qualities.  It has taken tremendous strides in a relatively short time, and is in great demand for concerts not only in its native West Yorkshire, but also in North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.

The Airedale Male Voice Choir’s repertoire is constantly growing with some 180 pieces of music and is diverse in its choice as it is in expression and performance.  Mozart and McCartney, Porter and Puccini, operatic choruses, folk songs, spirituals, hymn tunes and songs from the shows, from the rousing sounds of ‘Nessun Dorma’ to the sensitive yet equally thrilling ‘Sanctus’ from Schubert’s German Mass, and the poignant messages in ‘You Raise Me Up’.

The Airedale Male Voice Choir’s priority is to raise money for local charities and other good causes.  The fact that they have been successful in this is shown by the £145,000 raised in the first 20 years of its existence.

The Airedale Male Voice Choir has something to offer music lovers of all kinds.  It will try to stir your emotions, entertain you, and send you home from every concert feeling better for having been present at one of their concerts.